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By Silia Vassiliou on October 23, 2017 Inspiration
The three founding partners of BLEND, Neophytos Papageorgiou, Loris Stavrinides and Silia Vassiliou have made it a point to cultivate a healthy and fun culture, to keep the creative juices alive. And keeping the productivity levels high, when you are about to burn out because you are servicing international clients around the globe with deliverable deadlines colliding, is a challenge on its own. So, how do we balance everything to walk the talk?
By Silia Vassiliou on June 01, 2016 Marketing
One may wonder…so why should I entrust a machine for this important process that will impact the communication of my brand??? Well, for one, programmatic makes the ad purchasing process more efficient and with less errors, that a human may be prone to do.
By Silia Vassiliou on January 22, 2016 |Inspiration |Just for fun
Marching in 2016, on Sunday morning I found myself reflecting on 2015 and what an exciting year, it has been. Hmm….from where shall we start? Let’s take it from the very beginning of the year. We kicked of the year, with a new BLEND in the mix. Yes, 360 Digital Degrees joined forces with Oniric Creative Studio and what a ride it has been, and it still is.
By Silia Vassiliou on December 15, 2015 Marketing
Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year. Oh yes sure, it is very commercial, but it brings out the child in me..and I love it. Now, how can we capitalize on the commercial aspect of this festive season? Did you know that only 2% of shoppers typically convert on their first visit to an online store, according to AdRoll? 
By Silia Vassiliou on July 30, 2015 Just for fun
Ready for the summer break? Check out our Managing Director Silia's mental list, you might find it useful!
By Silia Vassiliou on June 29, 2015 Marketing
One of marketing’s primary objective is to support sales to generate leads and help them convert into customers. Often the problem is that marketing is good at generating many leads but they are not converting that many to new customers.With these basic tips we can help you boost your conversions.
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