Why your company needs a Facebook page

Why your company needs a Facebook page
In any sector your company belongs to, you certainly need a page on Facebook. Facebook is the largest community on the internet that gives you the ability to reach potential customers and partners.

It’s easier to approach people through Facebook than through emails or advertisements and the main reason is the direct contact you have with them. With this rapid and interactive communication, you can find out people needs and help improve your products or services and your company. User feedback can prove more valuable than advertisements.

Facebook Features:
  1. You can share items which contribute to the company’s image.
  2. Identify problems or opinions about your company from comments on the wall of your page.
  3. Share some activities or some future plans to have some early indications
  4. Receive information about the activities of the friends of the company to identify trends and attitudes.
  5. Communicate directly with users when desiredThese can then help you turn your Facebook Fans into paying customers, and vice versa.

Create a Facebook page for your businesses if you haven’t got already!

The name you give to your page is important, so make sure it can be recognized by your fans and customers.

You can upload unlimited number of photos. The most important is the profile picture of Facebook, you will see the users (thumbnail) in News Feeds when their friends interact with you. A logo or a group photo might work.

You can also add applications to promote your page and your company. A restaurant, for example, can add an application form for reservations that allows users to book a table without leaving the page.

The regular updates of your page with fresh content such as photos and upcoming events or your latest offers means that your page will not just look like a profile and users will return to your page. When you post something on Facebook, someone can share with his friends and they can share with their own friends and spread what you post. Even if it is something trivial to you, for others it may be very important.

Use Facebook Ads for Pages to gain new user Likes for your page. Targeted Facebook ads can bring many Fans and readability to your page.

Motivate your visitors

Give incentives to those who visit your page for the first time to press the Like button. For example, you can create an iframe application that will be visible only to those who ‘Liked’ the page of your business.

In this way users have a reason to join your Facebook page earning a discount offer, participation in a contest or anything else you might think best suits your business.

Update your content often

Most users spend a lot of time participating in various social networks, so you should frequently send updates to them to show that you are a really active member. Post updates for your products - services, talk with them, and entice them to comment on your posts! So these users will come back for more.
When you publish something you must be creative and give users new stories and photos! Your profiles on social networks must be always active. A good interaction tactic is to post asking users to answer a question or even better use Facebook Polls.

Communicate with your Fans!

The reason someone ‘Likes’ the page of your company is because they want to interact with your business! And certainly not participating just to join the marketing tactics you choose to use. So you understand that communicating with them, commenting on their publications or asking them to comment on your own is the only way to build a relationship of cooperation and trust between you.

That's why you always have to answer their questions, comment on the comments and be sure you're an active member of the community you want to create. Especially when it comes to reviews on products or when they are asking for your help for a topic that is related to the operations of your business.

Remember that users of social networks that are connected with you, are not there to hear you talk, but talk with you!


Stelios Ioannides
Stelios Ioannides
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