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When an industry is focused on adding value with exceptional services, the website had to have that exceptional user interface design as well. Upon analyzing the clients’ requirements, we were inspired to create a different and unique approach on the homepage with full screen images split into diagonal areas. Upon entering the website, you can view a full screen menu. The website design is underpinned by a clean minimal layout content with strong beautiful imagery within the pages. All pages have been fully custom designed and particular attention has been given to the responsive versions for a seamless experience. We purchased stock photography, upon extensive research to portray the locations and global reach of the company while the design was enriched with tailored icons that we created.
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Responsive Design

To transpose that unique experience careful attention was paid to the responsive designs on all devices so as not compromise the high-end experience if you were viewing it on your mobile, desktop or tablet. Specific customization was made on custom breakpoints to ensure this, and not only. Careful attention was paid to many details such as the navigation bar to hide or display when scrolling in order to read the text on mobile devices. But hey, the devil lies in the details, right?
8GCP - Responsive Devices

Website Development

To custom develop a website with such a unique design posed a nice challenge for our developers involved. The skewed menu on the desktop, that had to be stacked on the tablet and mobile versions while these had to be properly adjusted on all screen sizes to ensure readability and usability ended up in many hours of coding and finding solutions. The header navigation had to appear diagonal also on all screen sizes and adjusted in size and visibility upon user scrolling keeping all of this of transitions light and fluid for the user. The inner pages were templated on the backend keeping the elegant design simple and adjustable in view of the content. But who said we are not up for challenges? The diagonal menu on the desktop was made responsive and user friendly on all screen sizes. The images were properly aligned on all devices keeping their resolution intact. But most importantly the content management system is clean, easy to use and adjustable for the clients’ administrators to add, edit or remove content from pages.
8GCP - Web Development Device


We are also proud to say that this website has been applauded by many people from the clients’ side, and not only. BLEND has been receiving many commendations. And our hard work was rewarded with the public award that we won from the popular CSS Design Awards for User Interface Design, User Experience Design and Innovation Design, as well as special Kudos from the CSSDA jury panel.
8GCP - Awards
"Working with the BLEND Team was a breath of fresh air! A group of passionate young professionals, which carried out the project in a timely manner and worked tirelessly in order to arrange every tiny detail. The final product is a reflexion on their commitment to their work."

Hara Menelaou

Chief Operating Officer - 8G Capital Partners Ltd
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