Website Design

We designed a very clean and professional website but as opposed to using common stock photography representing their industry - data centres and mundane images of cables, - we opted to create for the home page a promo header with elements, emphasizing the company’s business positioning, products, and client services in east Africa. Additionally, we designed a scrolling type of website, which the client likes, applying a parallax effect with very smooth transitions and very subtle animations on the images when you hover, to give it that extra subtle oomph and make it livelier.

Djibouti Row 3
Djibouti Row 4

Website Development

The website is supported by BLEND’s CMS, with advanced dynamic functionalities so that the DDC team can have full control over their website’s content and ability to expand even further. Additionally, the website is optimized for a better viewing experience across any device given that responsive design and development was applied, as well as SEO. Should the client decide in the future to add any additional languages, “CMS” can easily accommodate this as the “CMS” platform is multilingual, and can be easily expanded and customized based on the client’s needs.
Djibouti Row 6
Djibouti Row 6

Email Connection

We created a professional email template for the DDC so that they can connect, inform and promote their services to their audience. In this way, the DDC will always remain fresh in their audience’s minds via regular and value added communications which will deliver the company’s right marketing message, at the right time, via email marketing. Blend integrated this capability with MailChimp, one of the industry’s leading email marketing service providers in order to facilitate their email marketing efforts, and receive live reporting during each email campaign.
Djbouti Row 1
Djbouti Row 1

“We are very pleased with the support and responsiveness of the Blend Digital team. Their creative and collaborative approach with the DDC team helped us greatly to our web presence.”

Anthony Voscarides

Djibouti Data Centre CEO
Taxidia Mprosta
Stoli Original Bar & Club Awards 2015
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