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Albeit simple, the initial effort centered on obtaining access of the existing Facebook account and ensuring it was portraying the correct image, reflecting what MAS Supermarkets stands for. We created new header images and profile images, adhering to the standards of Facebook, while establishing a consistent branding via Facebook alongside the overall branding of MAS Supermarkets.
MAS Supermarket - Facebook

Post templates

For the Association it was crucial that we convey timely their various special offers each time they issue their catalogues; and also, effectively communicate the products they want to promote each month. We were tasked to also give the right weight to their house brands, and to the Mr Grand products which only they carry in the supermarkets. So, we created different post templates in order to achieve the above and started building some brand consistency.
MAS Supermarket - Post Template


In agreement with the client the posts we have been creating usually relate to the products they wish to push, any CSR activities they embark on, tips and recipes.
MAS Supermarket - Content
MAS Supermarket - Content


In order to be on the same page with our clients, every month we create a monthly agenda, where we show in advance the posts that will be administered, the amount to be boosted and the date they will appear, before we enter the month. This is useful, especially when there is a lot of content to manage, and the timing of the posts is crucial, i.e. when related to special offers of products and the catalogues which are valid for specific periods only.
MAS Supermarket - Agenda

Online social advertising

Nowadays, one cannot embark on social media management without having in place a social online advertising strategy that complements communication goals. We proposed a strategy entailing 2 aspects:
  • Page like campaigns with the objective to increase the community
  • Boosting to increase the reach of their target audience. Additional budget was allocated in celebration of their 20 years operations, boosting the TV ads via Facebook.
The correct targeting and optimization of posts and ads yielded simply amazing results!
MAS Supermarket - OnlineSocialAdvertising


We also created a simple Facebook timeline Competition in August with the objective to promote their prominent Mr Grand products. The competition run for 8 weeks and the users were asked to find the correct answer, by spotting which is the Mr Grand product, among four MAS Supermarket products. One basket of MAS Supermarket goodies was given each week to one lucky winner. The competition had a fantastic response resulting to:
  • 988,200 impressions, in the period it run
  • 18,800 engagements
  • 2,259 Link Clicks
  • And increased the audience by 18.4 % from the previous month.
MAS Supermarket - Competisions


The beauty of online marketing is that it is completely transparent and measurable. Therefore, every month we produce detailed reports which show the audience growth that we achieved on Facebook. Additionally, we provide details on the posts we created and administered and their performance individually, alongside the performance of video content, if any is used. We also report on the impressions and engagement achieved in the month, detailing the paid and the organic results. And we highlight the demographics per fan, reach and engagement enabling us to ensure that our creatives resonate to the audience that engages the most.


Comparing the results of our social media management efforts since we overtook the account, year-on-year we are proud that we achieved the following for MAS Supermarkets:
  • Audience growth of 87.9% increasing the total fans to more then 12,200
  • Increased Facebook impressions by 308.2%
  • Increased total engagements by 1,305% achieving over 55,000 engagements in one year, compared to the 3,900 engagements the previous year.
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