NetU Consultants
NetU Consultants

Website Design

Our aim was to create a new website that moves away from the ‘boutique’ image and feels much “bigger” and more professional. With a modern approach we took a direction that uses big and strong photography in combination with clean white space and a strong injection of their brand colours for more contrast. Our team also helped to identify key business goals and chart a clear path to clarifying their visual communication for aiming to increase awareness of their services. A good balance of visuals and content was carefully crafted including a careful selection of stock photography and custom creation of imagery across all pages. 
NetU Consultants
NetU Consultants

Website Development

We developed the front-end and back-end of NetU’s new website on our very own Content Management System. The front-end development entailed the visual creation of our design, proper structure and overall aesthetics including animations and interactivity for desktop and mobile. The back-end includes also advanced dynamic functionalities so that NetU can have full control over their website’s content and ability to expand even further.
Additionally, the website is optimized for a better viewing experience across any devices given that responsive design and development was applied, as well as SEO and social media friendly. Furthermore, with our multilingual CMS our client can add any languages it desires, as it continuous to successfully grow and penetrate new markets and countries.
NetU Consultants
NetU Consultants
"We’re very pleased with the result of the new site. BLEND is up for any challenge and has done an excellent job incorporating even the most complex features we’ve asked them to. The result was a  full, custom developed website which not only meets NetU’s incredibly high expectations, it exceeds them.”

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Marketing Executive
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