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In order to build upon One Light’s unique value, we centered our efforts on UX and visual design, to create a completely fresh yet functional digital platform. One Light needed a design system and platform that could accommodate a growing product mix. We wanted the digital presence to clearly communicate with any customer - new and old. So, the site needed to be clean, informational yet, the subtle constant movement on the site makes for a surprising, fresh digital experience.

Infused with sleek black and white imagery, the homepage showcases key website categories with minimum content. We re-architected the site successfully heroing products with detailed information on each product and the capability to download data sheets on each respective product. Instead of simply presenting a set of "digital shelves", we worked to ensure that the personality of One-Light’s products shine through each pixel and sheds appropriate light on each product category; which in turn clearly presents the various products in each category, enabling customers to easily scroll through.

To highlight their global network, we created an animated map, segregating the continents and regions, clearly tabulating the locations they serve under each, showcasing each client under each location in a visually immersive but clear manner.
One Light - Double Web pages


With the use of HTML5 animations we help the new ONE Light website to stand out more alive and unique. These included custom hand drawn sketches, frame animation, and even video production; all resulting to an enhanced user experience.


Staying true to our fully customized approach on the website design we also created a series of custom vector icons for the clients’ portal area and for the products specifications pages. With a clean minimal design, always ensuring that the icons are both desktop & mobile friendly, looking sharp on every screen resolution.
One Light - Icons mockup


1-light.eu features a responsive framework and content strategy tailored to users' core needs making it easy for visitors to immerse themselves in the brand's products, story, and reach. The site leverages WordPress to blend content, promoting an organic flow that connects more deeply with each visitor. The News section promotes new products it carries. Each news article carefully calls out every product promoted, with links directly back to the product page driving traffic there.

ONE Light customers are offered direct access to their B2B portal where they can check product availability and arrival dates, view high resolution photos of products of interest, download IES files, product data sheets and installation manuals as well as check their open orders and account statements. We additionally developed a unique module to help the client present the several locations it serves, listing each client in each country.
One Light - Development


As always, all the websites we create are built on responsive frameworks. Never compromising the experience across any devices, we perform rigorous testing on responsive elements for numerous sizes and resolutions. Navigation, interactivity and all functionalities are optimized and adapted carefully to work equally well for touch screens, small screens as well as with the desktop experience. 
We additionally developed a unique module to help the client present the several locations it serves, listing each client in each country.
One Light Responsive Mockups

Concept Designs & Animated Demos

During our re-design process we proposed a variety of concept designs for the new website, including a re-fined product area with a more unique and modern layout. We also created a small series of video demos to present our thinking in terms of animation and interactivity flow. Not all of our ideas were accepted for final development but we are always proud on the conceptual work that takes place during our web design & development process.
One Light - Concepts IMG
One Light - Last image
MAS Supermarkets
The Four Seasons Hotel
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