Website Design & Development

BLEND’s brief was to design and develop the site and display more dynamic content. The creative demonstrates how innovative and engaging the content can be, while being optimized for viewing across multiple platforms. Whether the user is on their smartphone at home on their desktop, the user experience remains the same. It was important that the website was easy to use with clear call to actions for the voting procedure and of course in line with Stoli’s branding guidelines. We’ve implemented a Facebook connection where users could connect with their Facebook account and then vote for their preferred venue in each category. To ensure fairness of the competition only one vote per Facebook user was registered.
Venue owners associated their account with their venue as their votes had different accountability from the rest of the audience, and of course they could not vote for their own venue. The website was supported by BLEND’s CMS from where Stoli’s marketing team had access to view members who voted, votes for each venue and alter the content of the informational pages. 


Promotional Video Spot

Additionally, in line with the promotion of this trend-setting yearly event, we were tasked to create a promo video with a Cypriot flavor, in accordance with the Stoli global strategy and in-line with “A” versus “THE” campaign.
The concept behind this campaign is to show “A” scenario versus “THE” scenario, which is considered the prestigious version, in line with the positioning of Stolichnaya - THE worlds’ premium Vodka. In the video spot we created for Stoli Cyprus, "a prize" that anyone based in Cyprus can win is symbolized by a player playing kazanti (a local game). Whereas, “THE prize” is illustrated with the prestigious Stoli award, won during the per se ceremony.


Social Media Management

As the designated digital agency of Stoli Cyprus, we have also been managing the social media properties of Stoli, before during and after the event. In February 2015, which is the month that the Stoli Awards took place and we allocated an extra budget on boosting Facebook posts, and on Facebook ads in order to create expectations on the prestigious event we achieved the following across the main social media channels of Stoli (Facebook & Twitter) – 8,800 Interactions, by 6,300 unique visitors and a total of 944,000 Impressions. 

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