Website Design & Development

This year BLEND refreshed the design and developed the site in order to display more dynamic content. The creative demonstrates how innovative and engaging the content can be, while being optimized for viewing across multiple platforms. The website is intuitive and easy to use with clear call to actions for the voting procedure and of course in line with Stoli’s branding guidelines. We’ve implemented a Facebook connection where users could connect with their Facebook account and then vote for their preferred venue in each category.
The website is supported by BLEND’s CMS, which is upgraded and enriched with new functionality every year, from where Stoli’s marketing team had access to view members who voted, votes for each venue and alter the content of the informational pages. 

Social Media Management

Additionally, as the designated digital agency of Stoli Cyprus, we have been managing the social media properties of Stoli, before during and after the event.
From a digital perspective the major push and promotion raised for the event was made via their 3 social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With Facebook taking the center stage where users were encouraged to vote their favorite venue utilizing a clear content strategy with visually enticing posts, and sufficient budgets for Facebook advertising and message boosting to maximize the message reach.

Live Social Media Coverage

This year in order to create more hype and engagement during the event, we utilized a solution which enabled us to display and aggregate all social media activity in a huge display at the hall of the event for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter while having a live moderation, a first of its kind taking place on the island.

We created the #StoliAwards2015 and we covered the event live. But most importantly, following our clear instruction on how to use it, attendees of this glamorous event were quick to jump the wagon and were reliving the exciting moments of the event by commenting live and posting selfies throughout the event.


On Facebook alone on the evening of the event 150,000 impressions were generated, but the marketing mileage continued, generated an additional 230,400 impressions by the end of the week of the event. Additionally, the Instagram users increased by an additional 22.1% due to the fact that we encouraged the use of the hashtag that we created for the event. Overall it is estimated that around 8500 stories were created by close to 6500 unique users, and exceeding 1,100,000 potential reach, resulting to a very happy customer – ACM. Christofides, the local distributor of Stoli in Cyprus.

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