Website Design & User Interface Design

The brief for the homepage look & feel of the new Taxidia Mprosta website was a simple and clean layout with a grid structure that can easily accommodate various offers and promo boxes in different sizes on the homepage. The same time, beautiful photography was the key to making the look stand out and be more engaging to people. Advanced search functionalities were also implemented on the homepage, adapting to the type of search the user will want to do, ie. Hotels or Flights. Upon proceeding to the results, account, payment and detail pages users will find an extensive set of filters to narrow search results, calendar modules, filter sliders, multiple option selectors, popups and dropdowns for detailed info, as well as many more functionalities created via a series of well-thought UI designs for a really advanced online booking experience. 

Design for Mobile Devices

Web traffic analysis indicated to the Top Kinisis team that an increasingly significant number of people have started visiting their website via mobile devices, as per every other website now days. Via their new website it was about time to take into consideration mobile users and deliver a consistent booking experience across all devices. Our designs were based on the popular Bootstrap grid system to make sure the new website was responsive across multiple resolutions. Additionally we adjusted and re-created certain UI elements to apply for mobile use, such as filters, calendars, tables and menus. 

User Experience Design

One of the most important factors on the new website was that the new design will have an improved user journey that is clear and easy to follow by visitors. The entire structure was to be re-thought and the same journey was to be followed on every booking option, keeping things simple and straightforward. We assisted the Top Kinisis team with our expertise in user experience on how to best accomplish their requirements and make sure   it was reflected properly on our design templates.

Front-End Development

Alongside our design work, we also developed the front-end of every single template and UI element. Our designers worked closely with our development team to ensure that the final results were pixel-perfect with the original designs and properly applied across multiple screen resolutions via the Bootstrap framework, making sure all previous phases came together as one quality product. JavaScript’s, CSS effects and all front-end functionalities were created and provided to the Top Kinisis team to be implemented onto their booking platform for their brand new website. 
“Very professional and responsive team! They are going the extra mile by consulting their customers on best practices and they handle new challenges very well. I would definitely recommend them since the communication between our teams was excellent and the result more than what we expected”

Andreas Kakkouras

Marketing Manager
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