Four Seasons - Website Redesign & Development

Website Redesign

The hotel renovation created the opportunity to customize and simplify the overall user experience while at the same time it had to exude the luxurious and quality feeling, that is evident as soon as you step in the hotel. We adopted a modern approach, injecting as many details in the design of the website to communicate the quality of the hotel, in every aspect and facet. This was made possible with the use of beautiful photography and a professionally created video. At the same time, our number one priority remained to improve the overall user booking experience; which was a challenge for us given that we were limited by the existing booking platform, which nevertheless we successfully achieved. We also undertook quality checks and the design direction, to ensure a pixel perfect implementation. To live up to the hotels' expectations, we provided responsive design templates created for mobile and tablets too, without compromising the user experience irrespective of the chosen navigation device.
Four Seasons - Full Page

Extensive design style-guide

While working on the Four Seasons website redesign we wanted to help them establish a consistent online identity. So, we created an extensive design style guide to support any further development of their online properties and to support the creation of on-brand content. The design style guide communicates the Four Seasons design standards to the entire group and acts as a reference for their designers, writers, and developers to have a solid framework and use as a starting point for their work.
Four Sesons - DesignStyleGuide

Newsletters & email designs

In alignment with the elevated image of the Four Seasons, it was important that every aspect of the Hotels communication portrays this. Therefore, we created the hotel's Newsletter and we are in the midst of creating email designs to reflect their enhanced and aligned online image. 
Four Seasons - Newsletters & email designs
Four Seasons - Newsletters & email designs2

Brochure design

Additionally, we redesigned their brochure using the established online design portraying a consistent image online and offline. 
Four Seasons - Brochure design

Animated banners

Consistency in branding is imperative. So, we started supporting the marketing team of the Four Seasons by creating HTML5 banners with selected campaigns they embarked on. 
Four Seasons - Animated banners

Cinemagraphs and videos

When we first met the Four Seasons team and they described in detail the personal touch, the meticulous detail that the renovation underwent, we wanted to find a way to communicate this, by telling little stories, of every important detail that sets the Four Seasons apart. So, we suggested the use of mini looped videos and cinemagraphs, the latter of which was never previously utilized in Cyprus. Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming an animated effect of a single detail. Sounds fun and simple huh? Actually, the creation of a single cinemagraph entails the following elements which we undertook and managed; the creation of scene ideas and scripts alongside on-location video shooting around the hotel, with the help of the management team and hotel staff as models. Our objective and aim were to highlight the quality details and experience of the hotel. So, we combined static images and video with photo-manipulation and techniques to create the cinemagraphs. The final results included high-quality 1080p videos shared on social media which translated to the successful engagement on Instagram, and not only. 


Four Seasons - BehaindTheScenes
"BLEND has given us the creativity we were looking for to match our new online visuals through out the online marketing cycle. The promptness and teamwork were definitely integral part of this big success"

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