The Vodka flavor in you

Website Design & Development

The microsite was fully customized and designed with full screen imagery. The left-hand side of the design acting as a prompt, helping users step by step to complete the quiz; and the right-hand side corresponding to the answers with dazzling and fresh images, with an ultimate objective to promote the various respective Stoli flavors. Different weightings were given to the questions involved to be in a position to yield the distinct personality traits of the users.
To spice up the competition further, if users reached the end of the quiz by answering all questions they got a second chance to participate in a competition to win a bigger prize.
The microsite is supported by an extremely user friendly CMS, from where Stoli’s marketing team has access and was obtaining live the data entered by the participants, enabling them to data mine the users’ basic information, thus growing their contacts database event further, in a legitimate manner.
The Vodka flavor in you

Responsive Design

In an era where mobile searches are overtaking desktop searches any project we design and develop always takes care of the responsive elements. Therefore, we proactively design and apply various resolutions for optimum viewing across any devise, while ensuring that the user experience is never compromised if you are accessing the microsite from an IOS or Android phone, a tablet or a desktop.
The Vodka flavor in you

Social Media Management

This campaign was supported with a combined social media strategy of boosted posts and link click campaigns on Facebook encouraging their target audience to participate. With a small budget of around €350 in one month we generated the following impressive results:
  • Posts had a reach of over 28,100 people
  • Resulting to over 4,300 users engaging and reacting to the posts.
  • The campaign reached over 94,600 people in a very targeted link click campaign
  • Resulting to having more than 4,300 people participating in the quiz.
The Vodka flavor in you

Offline integration

The most successful campaigns are the ones that manage to seamlessly integrate digital with offline to capitalize the best of both worlds. This app was successfully integrated offline, in one of the largest and busiest supermarkets in the heart of the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, at Alpha Mega. In an appropriate area inside the supermarket a bar look alike setting was created, with bar-tenders, bottles with all the Stoli flavors appropriately displayed, and a big TV screen showing the app / quiz. The bar-tenders were offering free samples of the various Stoli Flavors while encouraging people to participate and simultaneously giving away Stoli memorabilia. What better way to drive the sales further and get a chance to win your favorite Stoli flavor suited to your personality?
The Vodka flavor in you

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