Volcano - Website Redesign

Branding and logo re-design

As an already established company, their original logo already had a character that was recognizable. Our task was to maintain part of that character but create a brand-new logo design that is modern and expresses quality and elegance. Mainly used on black, we kept a custom-made V letter as the original character but not only used as part of a new typography but also within the use of their icon design in combination with the flame graphic. Combining both in a simple way we instantly delivered what the entire ethos of the company is. Alongside the online needs, we are also responsible for any offline print-based work required to promote the brand. From business cards, brochures and stationery, we are there to assist the team to enhance their brand with our creative touch.
Volcano - Brand Redesign Image

Website re-design

Our task for the re-design of the Volcano Stores website was to transform a basic looking site into an elegant, modern, design-centric product that reassures consumers of the companies quality and professionalism, and drives them towards retail purchase at their stores.

The homepage uses large beautiful imagery, visually engaging, with actual modern interiors and the impressive new showroom of the store. Via a scrolling method, the site directs you to information about the company and services, and galleries segregating the type of products they have along with impressive photography. A new section features all their products under categories with dedicated product pages highlighting images, specs, downloads and videos for each product.

A simple filtering system is also using custom iconography elements to help visitors find what they are looking for. At the same time, the entire site is optimized and adjusted to work properly for mobile and tablets. 
Volcano - Website Redesign full site
Volcano - Icons
Volcano - Website Redesign double sites

Website development

A nice simple challenge for our front-end development team was to bring our elegant designs to life, however the most interesting part was the fully custom creation of the back-end system of the site featuring a variety of options, fields, categories and attributes for each product on the website. Ensuring that our client can easily create and upload their products as he wishes on their site without any complications and with all required info needed.
In addition, we included gallery creations, video integration, color ranges, PDF downloads, slider management, page creations and editability across all areas of the website. Easily and efficiently.
Volcano - Website Development images

Responsive design

As per all of our websites, no website is ready unless it has a proper mobile experience for tablet and mobile users. Ensuring that the design and overall experience remains as good as the Desktop version, we tested and optimized the Volcano Stores website to perfectly work across all mobile devices. Navigation, interactivity and all functionalities are optimized and adapted carefully to work equally well for touch screens and small screens as well as with the desktop experience. 
Volcano - Last Section
Volcano - Last Section
Volcano Emblem
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