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Skillfully handled online advertising can save you lots of money and convert your audience into paying customers.

What is PPC? And why use PPC? PPC or else known as pay-per-click is form of online advertising through paid campaigns for which you only pay a fee each time a visitor clicks your ad. It is an important channel of buying visitors for your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visitors organically.
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Why choose BLEND as your social media agency?

BLEND is known for creating creative and targeted PPC campaigns, carefully selecting precise keywords, subject to your target audience; while ensuring each campaign is optimized to help you maximize your online conversions. As a full spectrum digital agency, we can help you raise your rankings at Google, increase awareness on your services and brands, drive traffic to your online property, increase your conversions to customers and generally help you realize any KPI you set.
PPC - Why Blend
PCC - Types of online advertising strategies

Types of online advertising strategies

Our in-depth experience of digital strategists allows us to handle the full spectrum of your online advertising needs from social media advertising platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to display and search marketing platforms like Google, YouTube or other online advertising opportunities such as retargeting, to display your message in a very targeted approach and help you achieve your goals.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or else known as Paid Search is the process of buying visits through popular search engines, such as Google through Google Adwords advertising. Our process begins by understanding your target audience to build out a robust audience identity; we then create successful online campaigns selecting keywords to tailor the appropriate messages that will resonate to your audience, across any device when they embark on their search journey. Our online advertising strategies involve understanding your business goals, customers, and future search intent to deliver a seamless advertising experience for the searcher while delivering your message in a very targeted manner.  
PPC - Search Engine Marketing
PPC - Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

Display advertising is the form of paid campaigns that drives targeted visitors to your website using visual ads rather than purely text-based ads. The formats of display ads vary from banners, to videos, rich text, plain text and interactive ads too. With the breadth of targeting options now available in display advertising our experienced digital strategists can help you not only reach your prospective customers, but we can help you convert them to increase your sales potential.
PPC - Online Ad Retargeting IMAGE

Online Ad Retargeting

We often implement retargeting, also known as remarketing services in our online advertising strategies. Online retargeting, is a form of online advertising that targets users based on their previous actions online through “cookies”, nurturing them down the path to purchase. This is a marketing tactic that essentially aims to bring customers back to your websites to complete their unfinished transactions. And tremendously helps increase your conversions. Popular platforms such as Google Display Network, Facebook and many others provide remarketing capabilities.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising, paid social, guarantees to put your message in front of your target audience. That’s why an inherent part of the social media campaigns we develop entail implementing paid social advertising strategies to increase reach and drive desirable consumer actions. Our social media advertising strategies always aim to amplify your owned and earned media.

PPC - Social Media Advertising

Landing Page Optimization

The Landing page a visitor lands, following a paid campaign is often overlooked, however it is important to the success of your online advertising strategy. A number of factors are essential to the effectiveness of the landing page; including your copy, images, forms, call to actions and many more. We undertake extensive A/ B testing to identify which landing page layout will convert more. We continuously monitor the performance, make adjustments aiming to reduce your cost per conversion.
PPC - Monitoring, reporting and fine tuning

Monitoring, reporting and fine tuning

Great. We have done all our preliminary work, defined your target audiences, created a robust audience identity, set up your online campaigns, put together a powerful online advertising strategy combining paid search, Google Display Network and maybe paid social and created a very optimized landing page. So, can we sit down and relax? No! We continuously monitor how your online campaign is performing. Whether it is meeting the agreed KPIs and goals, we make adjustments, fine-tune and optimize it further to not only increase your conversions but eventually reduce your cost per each new conversion, using as a guide all the metrics and insights we set up.
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