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SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization entails the process of making your website more findable, or else knows as optimized. Our specialized SEO consultants use SEO marketing to help your website get traffic from organic and free search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo. In simple words we can help you increase your website rankings and visibility, which will lead to more potential customers and revenue.
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SEO Services in Cyprus

Why choose BLEND as your SEO agency?

Blend is an SEO company in Nicosia specialized in online marketing with a proven track record of helping companies increase their conversions. SEO companies and SEO Consultants understand how the advanced algorithms of search engines work and can help you rank high in Google in Cyprus and in any market of interest; and most importantly we will help you get ahead of your competition, by increasing your online visibility and rankings in the relevant search engines.
SEO - SEO Services
SEO - Our Approach to increase your rankings

Our Approach to increase your rankings

If your website ranks poorly in the search engines of your target markets, this will translate to less traffic, fewer potential customers and reduced profitability from your website. To achieve top SEO results it is impertaive to apply best SEO tools and practices. Our SEO services and in-depth expertise entails a careful blend of content marketing, inherent in our SEO strategy, accessibility and a core understanding of search engine technology to every project, to ensure that we put your website in front of the widest possible audience to dominate website rankings.


SEO Process

Before you embark on SEO marketing it is imperative that you understand that it is an inherently iterative process. Whose success hinges on the correct web development and web design, in tandem with the right content that would be indexed by the search engines. This entails continual monitoring and fine tuning to sustain success.
Below is the process we adopt to help you rank high and remain high in Google and not only.
SEO - Setup of SEO tools & keywords research

Setup of SEO Tools

First and foremost, our SEO professionals will ensure we set up all the tools to help you leverage any organic SEO opportunity to increase your online visibility. We also set up heatmap tools which help us understand what users want, care about and do on your site. Heatmap tools visually represent your users clicks, taps and scrolling behavior; which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire. And they help you assess how your marketing strategy is performing.

Keyword Research and Competitive Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is the very important phase of identifying the keywords you wish to rank high in, always bearing in mind the high searches by users and how popular these keywords are. The optimum effort entails identifying keywords that are heavily used by searchers but somewhat less competitive in terms of the total number of search results, to increase your optimization efforts.

Once armed with the desired target keywords, we conduct a thorough competitive analysis of your website comparing it with your biggest competitors. Then we identify which of your competitors to look up to in terms of higher rankings, we can explore the best keywords to borrow from them. And enhance your content where they rank poorly in, or else where your competitors content is less indexed.

Through the thorough competitive keyword research, we can monitor your nationalregional, and local search engine positions for any keyword you desire; to increase your ranking in the service you wish to have high visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

SEO - Audit and optimization

B. Website Audit and optimization


Through our specialized tools we find and fix issues on your website to boost SEO-optimization and make your website more accessible for search engine robots. This includes:

  1. Optimizing your internal and external links
  2. Adding tags where they are missing
  3. Making titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible for users and search engines
  4. Correcting broken images and providing them all with an alt attribute
  5. Detecting and erasing error pages
  6. Finding duplicate content pages
  7. Checking your website for any speed issues to improve performance
  8. Ensuring correct hreflang implementation, which is crucial in cross-referencing pages that are similar in content but target different audiences.
  9. Identify and disavow toxic backlinks to your site before Google penalizes you.

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SEO - Content suggestions

C. Content suggestions

As a specialized marketing company, we analyze your rivals' content and give you informed ideas to write high-quality, optimized content related to your business. We propose valuable relevant keywords, so that you can start creating content in the local language. However, it you have an international presence, it wouldn’t be enough to simply translate the original text. What works in one country might be completely irrelevant to another. Which is why this exercise needs to be conducted for each country of interest. Moreover, the content suggestions can be applied both on your website and marketing campaigns to optimize your results and reach.
SEO - Reporting and maintenance

D. Reporting and maintenance

Establishing the desired keywords to help you optimize your website and increase your rankings and visibility, versus the current position and ranking position your website currently holds is merely the starting point. It constitutes the guide of the work that needs to be performed and monitored until we increase your SERPs. Given that SEO is an inherently iterative process it requires constant monitoring and fine-tuning.  And this is important to large organizations and small businesses too.


We provide monthly reports that show this progress and work required showing:
  • Your SEO potential
  • Keywords ranking and performance
  • Competition ranking
  • Organic search positions
  • Backlink audits
  • Content suggestions if required.
Adjustments to the SEO plan can be made according to the findings of these progress reports.


Given the vastness of the online world, once your website is optimized and ranks high in your markets of interest, it is important that you maintain that position. We would advise that you continue running standard reports to ensure that you sustain that leading position. We wouldn’t want you to get overthrown by local competitors that managed to achieve a higher ranking position than that of your business, simply because you stopped your SEO process.
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