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User experience matters. A good-looking product cannot be successful if it fails to engage users quickly and easily without a complicated learning-curve. From the way users ‘read’ an interface, to the way they interact and navigate through. Every single detail should have a reasoning, should be usable and deliver an enjoyable experience.
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What we do

Why choose BLEND as your Usability and UX Agency?

Our team of usability and UX designers will analyze your requirements and goals to propose the most appropriate approach and user interface design for your product. Before any conceptual or production work takes place, everything is analyzed and decided at a low-fidelity stage, ensuing the application of proper user experience and usability standards.
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UI - Analysis & Strategy

Analysis & Strategy

The first steps we will take with you are aimed at understanding your business values, your history and vision before breaking-down an analysis of your requirements and targeted goals.

Based on these we will craft a detailed scope of actions and strategy on how we will best approach your needs, your UI design, as well as how your product should work and properly function; having a solid grasp of the characteristics of good interface design.

User Experience

Once we analyze the requirements of your product, we will start drafting, understanding and discussing what’s the most appropriate user experience for your target audience. We will break down the process, talk to potential users, ask questions, and ensure everything we decide makes the most sense. This phase usually goes along with our next steps of Usability, Wireframing and low-fidelity Prototyping, helping us to refine and re-address any issue that could appear; and have every question answered, having fine-tuned the overall user experience.
UI - User Experience
UI - Usability & Wireframes

Usability & Wireframes



Wireframes allow us to define the information hierarchy of your website UI design, making it easier to plan a layout according to how we want the user to process the information. It helps us understand the correct placement of key elements and navigations on the user interface, start visualizing the overall user experience, create user journeys to test, and even help us think about the creative design phase and functionality of your product.
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Anything we build & design aims to be efficient and easy to use for the end user. During our analysis phase we take the time to understand your target audience and their behavioral patterns, helping us design usable solutions that will be used easily, with quick learnability and with an enjoyable experience.

LOW-FIDELITY Prototyping

For digital products that could be complicated and vast in content it is important to consider creating low-fidelity prototyping of any wireframes and user journeys we put together in previous steps. Low-fidelity means no design, animations or any kind of aesthetics will take place. Instead, it will constitute a simple interactive prototype of our wireframe designs demonstrating our proposed user journeys to understand better the overall user experience.

This will help us refine how the overall product will work, test it to any potential users for feedback, and demonstrate it to the development team for any functionality concerns before any production work takes place.

UI - Web & UI Design

Web & UI Design

As soon as we have the final usable experience of your product in place we move onto our next phase, which is the Web and User Interface design. Based on the created wireframes and prototypes we aim to design a custom-made visual experience with the latest standards and most creative approach.

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