Bring your brand or product to life.

Our talented team brings a huge amount of creative flair and technical expertise to each level of video and animation production, and we are dedicated to bringing your brand or product to life.
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What we Do

Why choose BLEND as your video & animation production agency?
We produce a whole range of motion graphics and animations, everything from promotional videos to 2D character animations; from advanced video editing, including voice over services to engaging web animations. By enabling your messages and visions to "come alive" with the power of motion, it can lead to stronger brand engagement, relevance, response rates, conversions and revenue. From storyboard, to production and delivery, we will help you in every step of the way to promote your brand via motion pictures and animations
Video - What we Do

Motion Graphics

From moving typography to fancy particle effects, our talented motion graphic artists can inject that extra creative flair onto any video or project needed.

We can combine sound fx, music, custom graphics, design elements, professional voice over services and motion to bring to life any promotional message or story you wish to create for your brand audience. Be it for the web, for TV, or simply for your social media.

2D Animations

In-line with our motion graphics work our illustrators can come up with 2d characters and 2d artworks that we can simply take and animate for your project. Aiming to tell a story through a more engaging visual narrative, our 2d animations can bring to life any graphic you need.

HTML5 & CSS Animation

One of the pure benefits of having a multidisciplinary talented team is the teamwork and knowledge-share between each other for producing completely engaging solutions.

Our animators work closely with our developers, and vice-versa, to produce custom web-based animations via CSS and HTML5, injecting life into any web project we create; that being from the simple motion of typography or photo elements to the creation of fully animated interactive graphics.


Either by working closely with video production companies or taking over any raw video footage you provide, our team can edit and adjust the quality of your video work for final production. We can slice, crop and edit any parts needed; we can combine designs, motion graphics, audio, music and special effects all together into a complete piece formatted and prepared for any kind of distribution needed, for any channel and any format desired in as many languages needed.
Video - Post Production Text
Video - Storyboarding


For most video production projects we start via the creation of storyboards to present our concept and ideas. Always based on a brief or script we can either hand-draw or create static designs as storyboards before moving onto any kind of production work.

Multilingual Videos

When trying to optimize your videos and you want to go global, it is imperative that you have your video in many languages. We can easily adapt your animated videos in any language from left to right and accommodate the needs of the languages from right to left for Arabic speaking countries too, adapting the effect and animations accordingly to create professional multilingual videos.
Video - Multilingual Videos
Video - Engagement Videos

Videos to increase your Engagements

Let’s say you have a huge database that you would like to reach via a video you create but tailored for each person, or segregated group of your target audience. That would mean you should create one custom video for each person you want to target, which will equal to a huge budget, correct? Wrong. We can create stunning, fully dynamic and configurable videos for mass production tailored for each individual person or for segments of your target audience and even distribute each video to everyone at once. These can be modified and re-purposed and are primed for all social media platforms. And most importantly, these videos can be produced within very affordable budgets. Sounds great? Contact us for more details.
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