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Website Design

With the creation of their new portal, ADS wanted to present a fresh image with a modern website design following the latest trends. The look & feel needed to be appealing to their target audience and the same time present a global image of the company. Taking into account that the portal will be used via multiple devices we designed a responsive layout that will work equally beautiful across large and small resolutions with the use of full width elements, beautiful big imagery and a clear structure. 

ADS Portal - Web Img 01
ADS Portal - Web Img 02

Website Visuals

Our biggest challenge during the design phase of the project was to come up with the right imagery for the new global image that ADS needed to reflect via their new portal. Choosing the right stock photography is never an easy task, as we not onl had to choose photos that reflect what section they represent but also the look of each photo should complement the overall site design well, as each other too. However, this time our creative team took a step further by custom creating some of the key visuals via a combination of photo-editing and digital painting techniques to deliver a look that not only feels professional and trustworthy but also artistic.

ADS Portal - Web Visuals 01
ADS Portal - Web Visuals 02
ADS Portal - Web Visuals 02

Website Development

For this complex project we partnered with our team in Ukaine and we built a fully dynamic, responsive website localized into multiple languages including English, Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese. The work we undertook included the integration and customization with a third party CRM system and market feeds entailing an Economic calendar, MT4 Quotes and market news.

The result is a more user-friendly portal enriched with the described functionalities and widgets that features a clean and intuitive information architecture, allowing users to easily navigate through ADS’s services. 

ADS Portal - Web Development Images
ADS Portal - Web Development Images
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