Web design

Our design team put all their creativity to work to create a high-end design with elegant and slick but subtle animations. The unique layout we created which is fully customized inspires and aims to transpose you to the elite shopping experience of Charilaos Stavrakis, but digitally.
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Responsive design

Our e-commerce approach on the new website is very much mobile friendly as nowadays the trend is mobile first when shopping online. For this very reason the shopping experience is never compromised irrespective of the device you are entering the Charilaos Stavrakis shop online. Paying particular attention to the menu, and the items where we needed to give prominence while balancing the animations with static images – the experience is equally engrossing.
CHARILAOS STAVRAKIS - Responsive design img

Web Development

To make sure the website was e-commerce ready it involved complicated development and numerous hours of coding. We developed custom galleries and sliders on the front-end. We fully integrated the e-shop with their internal stock system where we had to connect with their database and reflect a variety of different product categories, collections, sizes and materials used to empower the client with the ease of use. Thus, they now have the ability to upload and integrate a selection of images associated with each product as a gallery. Additionally, the e-shop is CMS driven for every part of the content. Last but not least, we developed the responsive design in all resolutions to deliver a seamless online shopping experience be it on your mobile, desktop or tablet.
CharilaosStavraki - Awards
"I would like to thank BLEND for delivering a spectacular website for our company, meeting all our demands and  ideas to showcase who we are and what we do. Furthermore,  I would also like to thank for the continuous support from the whole team throughout the project."

Leonidas Stavrakis

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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