Fitblaster Logo Rebrand

Brand Identity Redesign

We knew that the key to brand reconsideration laid in changing the story from a dry mere fitness portal, focused more on body building to portraying the lifestyle benefits stemming from a complete fitness and wellness portal. This higher redefinition meant creating a whole new design starting from the basic branding from new symbol and typography, color enhancements, to logo and business cards revamp to a complete design overhaul crafting a journey that would engage and meet the holistic needs of a user interested in his / her well-being.
Fitblaster B-cards
Fitblaster B-cards

Website Redesign & Redevelopment

The redesign of Fit-Blaster transformed it from a simple fitness portal into a modern, fresh user friendly portal where users can continuously educate themselves on a wide array of subjects related not only on physical well-being but psychological too. In addition to a strong and modern aesthetic experience that highlights the brand’s ethos and quality, the new design’s revamped user experience features a new places directory, user accounts, exercises articles, contributor’s profiles, interviews, and sponsorship opportunities.

The new still-expanding directory highlights places in Cyprus and Greece related to fitness and well-being, such as gyms, yoga, etc. and it also includes advanced search method via filters combined with geolocation characteristics that assist users find the gym or fitness center closes to him / her subject to the defined radius.
Fitblaster - Web
An advanced contributor’s system allows Fit-Blaster to partner up with experts and professionals in the industry who can contribute to the portal with their own content and also showcase their profiles and experience publicly. And a few more subtle but engaging design & development elements such as the ability to find exercise articles of a specific muscle category by interacting on body areas, the ability to rate your favorite places, and the option to save your favorite articles.

Huge emphasis has also been given on the content, making a concerted effort to grow its content providers and authors to continue enriching this with more articles, combined with professional and vibrant photos. This portal has already uploaded over 2,000 articles written by professionals and experts in the per se industry; and its pool of professional content is growing by the day. 
Fitblaster - Entire Site
Fitblaster - Two pages

Responsive design

Fit-Blaster being a portal with heavy emphasis on reading articles, the multi-screen experience was integral to our redesign process more than normal. We needed to ensure that users can browse the website on their smartphones or tablets quickly, easy and as efficient as possible for accessing every content. Navigation, interactivity and all functionalities are optimized and adapted carefully to work as well for touch screens and small screens as with the Desktop experience. 
Fitblaster - Mobile Devices

This is Just the beginning

The vision of Fit-Blaster is huge, and this is only the beginning of the Fit-Blaster story. Soon it will be enhanced with plenty of video content of fitness advices and exercise plans, and additional functionality and features such as offering tailored training and nutrition plans customized to the unique needs of each user as well as an online eShop. And soon will be selling its own Fit-Blaster merchandise already high in demand. So stay tuned for many-many more and help write the Fit-Blaster success story.
Fitblaster - Merchandise images
FitBlaster - award img
“When excitement meets creativity and great work ethic, excellence happens. Such a pleasure to work with the amazing BLEND team!"

Stephanie Michaelidou

Founder of Fit-Blaster
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Hellenic Bank
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