JCCUP APP - Mobiles

Brand identity

Every important digital tool should have its own distinct and clear brand. So, we created a new logo in-line with the existing JCC branding, but inspired by the playfulness of the app’s name, JCCup, not only sounds like app but also has the initials of Unified Payments. We gave it a fresh and modern look to resonate with the app-savvy audiences and to communicate the app's personality. Moreover, the identity of the app reflects, the expectations and promise extended to their customers and target audiences in terms of quality, service, reliability and trustworthiness.
JCC App - Logo Design

User experience / Wireframes design

Any app should be as intuitive and simple as possible ensuring that users can fulfil the objective, for which the app was downloaded in the first place. Which is why we thoroughly worked on the user experience and usability of the app via wireframing user journeys and functionalities before embarking in the design phase.
JCCUP APP - Wireframes

Mobile app UI design

Based on the groundwork we did in the previous stage, we custom designed the user interface of JCCup keeping a user-friendly and a light look and feel, ensuring the app is easy to follow and use.
JCC APP - MobileApp 2

Graphics & Icon designs

Targeting the average user and merchant we wanted to make the interface friendly and approachable via the use of custom-made icons and graphics, enhancing the overall user experience with a more clear and visual-engaging feedback.

Promotional video

Upon its launch, the app needed to be promoted and communicated to the public via a small campaign to create awareness. For this we created a promotional video in both English and Greek to communicate the new app, what it does and how it can be used. We undertook the entire process, from creating the script, the concept, illustrations, finding and hiring the right talent to convey the appropriate tone right through to the animation.
JCCUP APP - Storyboard

Landing Page

In-line with the app launch we designed and developed a simple landing page presenting the full functionalities of the app, video promo, download links as well as a list of all available merchants. We also wrote the text content in English and Greek, making this as a main communication vehicle to inform users about the apps and encourage to download them.

JCCUP APP - Landing Page

App Store

We additionally created all necessary assets and text content to upload the JCCup app on the App stores, abiding to the stringent requirements of each store.
JCCUP APP - App Store
JCCUP APP - App Store

Merchant App

Along-side to the main consumer JCCup app concept we also designed a second app targeting business merchants called JCCup Merchant. We designed the app branding and user interface design in-line to the consumer version but with a more light, greyish look & feel. We did not create a promo video but only its own landing page for all necessary info, as well as the creation of assets and text content for the app stores, targeting purely the merchants of JCC.
JCCUP APP - MerchantApp
"It was a pleasure to work with Blend on this project; our expectations were met by a professional and creative team, which made this a valuable engagement."

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