Stoli Cyprus 2016 - Web design images

Website Design & Development

This year BLEND re-designed and re-developed the voting website of the event with an improved user experience, for both desktop and mobile. We also re-thought the structure of the site and user flow ensuring that users could complete the voting procedure until the very end with ease. For promoting the competition, Stoli organized a series of events at bars and cafes where they used promo girls with tablets to promote the website, register users, and introduce the competition and the new voting system along with the big award for voting; an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas.
Stoli Cyprus 2016 - Web design Full site
Stoli 2016 - Responsive Devices

Social Media Management

From a digital perspective the major push and promotion raised for the event was made via their 3 social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The promotion entailed a social media strategy combining enticing posts, and social media advertising with striking banners.
Stoli 2016 - Social Media Images


In the pre-event process, Facebook held the center stage where users were encouraged to vote their favorite venue utilizing a clear content strategy with visually enticing posts, and sufficient budgets for Facebook advertising and message boosting to maximize the message reach.
Stoli 2016 - Pre Event Images

Stoli GIF booth

The novelty that we injected this year was the creation of the Stoli GIF booth, placed strategically at the entrance of the event venue getting the invitees in the Stoli mood. People had the chance 
to create funny, interesting, and attention-grabbing animations by moving and posing as the pictures are taken in GIF format. Having the chance to then share it on their Facebook account, making their shared GIFs stand out.
Stoli 2016 - Gif Booth Images

Social Media wall

And in tandem with last year’s successful usage of hashtags, again we created the #StoliAwards2016 encouraging attendees of this glamorous event to post selfies and relive the exciting moments throughout the event. All the social media activity was aggregated and displayed on a huge screen at the hall of the event while being moderated live. The result was more hype and more engagement during the event, as the invitees were game to share their personal Stoli moments through their social media and be part of the action.
Stoli 2016 - Gif Wall
Stoli 2016 - Gif wall screen image

Live Social Media Coverage and Video Streaming

During the event of course the full BLEND team was there, not only supporting and celebrating the most original venues but also with live video streaming through Facebook and social media coverage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the benefit of the people missing this out.
Stoli 2016 - Live Streaming image


The month of the event impressions exceeded 550,000 with more than 6,400 engagements, exhibiting an increase of 240.4% in engagement since last month; predominantly because of the promotion and hype behind the event itself. The result of the marketing mileage included a significant increase of the Instagram users by an impressive 500% due to the fact that we encouraged the use of the hashtag that we created for the event.
Stoli 2016 - Results image

Stoli Bar & Club Awards 2016
Case study video

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