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Choosing the right solution and platform to work with, and the right developers with the experience in integrating your e-shop with any stock control system you may be using is imperative. This will help you run a 24 / 7 business that will work for you with low overheads and marketing costs and can reach any region in the world you decide to target.
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Why choose BLEND as your e-commerce development agency?

We create efficient and reliable e-commerce websites that will help you sell online easily, while offering the necessary tools to help you manage your online shop effectively.
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E-shop Platform Options

Closed source or open source we have you covered. Each platform one has their own respective benefits. And each option we offer provides a robust e-commerce solution to expand your business online and help you sell your products in any market of interest. See below, and decide which option suites you best.

E-Commerce services

BLEND E-commerce

Our own E-commerce solution is known for its’ simplicity, effectiveness and reliability, as well as the fact that it has a beautiful user-friendly shop front.  Additionally, it delivers a wealth of features including the shopping cart functionality, full content and product management, capability to offer discounts and create promotions, receive user reviews and secure payment processing. And it can have a unique web design based on your branding and image you wish to convey.

WordPress with WooCommerce

On the other hand, if you prefer to go with a custom but extendable, adaptable but open-source solution then we can handle this as well. WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores which makes it the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. Our in-house development team has the capability and knowledge to extend the existing functionalities and fully optimize the solution to meet your exact needs.

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Our experienced web developers can seamlessly integrate your e-shop with your stock control system, your CRM or your marketing automation solution. Additionally, we can custom develop any functionalities to accommodate your businesses needs and eventually to enable you to manage everything under one single system.


With the right tools in place you will be able to get insights and valuable data on your visitors’ behaviour, so that you can find new customers and increase conversions. We implement and combine the correct tools that can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, understand your visitors and optimize your e-shop for conversions and sales. For example, you can track users who already visited your store and translate to potential customers, and then create remarketing campaigns to entice them to make a purchase, to increase your online sales.
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SEO & Digital Advertising FOR ESHOP

Our experienced digital marketers and SEO experts can easily put together a cost-effective strategy for the promotion of your online shop. A proper SEO strategy accompanied with a targeted digital marketing & advertising strategy will make your store more findable and help you not only attract potential leads but also convert them to customers too.

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