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An important aspect of your social media management

Social media advertising, paid social, guarantees to put your message in front of your target audience. That’s why an inherent part of the social media campaigns we develop entail implementing paid social advertising strategies to increase reach and drive desirable consumer actions.
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Select the right social media agency

Why choose BLEND as your social media agency?

Based on our specialized social media tools we obtain your data to create your social media strategy across the relevant channels. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all subject to your industry and goals. These very same data and insights will fuel our marketing strategists with the input to propose the optimum budget split so that your social media advertising campaign will have the best ROI.

Social Media Advertising - Select the right social media agency
Social Media Advertising - Types of social media advertising

Types of social media advertising

Social media advertising is the only social media service that can consistently bring you sales from the very beginning. Our experienced social media strategists can handle everything in respect to social media advertising on:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn  
Social Media Advertising - Defining your audience IMAGE

Defining your audience

When we first undertake a project we always spend the first few weeks defining your target audience, using as a basis the demographics if any provided by you. This is imperative because when your target market aligns with the user demographics of the social media, then social advertising can result to huge increases in conversions and sales with a much lower cost of acquisition.

Selecting the right channels

First, we will help you define your goals. Whether it is lead generation, increase awareness or conversions. Subject to your target audience and agreed goals and KPIs we will select the appropriate social media channels. Be it Facebook, or Facebook & Instagram or Twitter and LinkedIn if a more B2B approach is warranted. Always keeping in mind the plethora of ad formats and ad capabilities each medium offers.
Social Media Advertising - Selecting the right channels

Social media advertising strategy

Taking into consideration all the above factors we propose the agreed budget split factoring in, your target audience, agreed KPIs, and the ad formats each channel can offer. Additionally, we strive to find the right balance in order to optimize our bidding strategy so as not to overpay or limit your audience with low bids.

A/B Testing

While we are defining your target audience, at the same time our in-house creative team crafts every post to deliver visual appeal as well as results. Our test-and-learn mindset means we always try new things and test them to gain the most valuable creative insights. But at the end of the day, ultimately our objective remains that the efficacy of our message and appropriate visuals resonate to your audiences to reach the highest engagement possible. 
Social Media Advertising - A/B Testing
Social Media Advertising - Monitor and optimization

Monitor and optimization

Effective social media advertising and management requires constant monitoring, fine-tuning and optimization. To ensure that the right message, both the copy and visuals effectively reach your audience in the most targeted manner. The more targeted your social media campaigns are, the lower is the acquisition of your growing contacts and community.
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