We are a creative and highly qualified team of web & UI designers.

We create exceptional user experiences for your website, app or interactive product, with the latest standards and most creative approach. Our handcrafted web design work delivers beautiful and user-friendly designs that combine trend-conscious visual communication and well-thought user experiences.
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What we do

Why choose BLEND as your Web Design agency?

Albeit based in Cyprus, our creative team carries over 15 years of international experience in the industry with a portfolio spanning across some of the biggest brands on the planet. With the user experience at the heart of everything we design, we develop inspiring web and responsive interface designs for websites and apps by finding the perfect balance between beautiful and usable design that works across any platform in the most effective ways possible. Taking into account creativity, interactivity, touch navigation and usability, we deliver a custom-made modern experience with attention to detail, engaging animations and beautiful visuals.
Web Design - What we do
Web Design - Usability & User Experience Design

Usability & User Experience Design

User experience matters. And despite how good-looking we can make your website or app if we cannot successfully engage users it will fail its goals. This is where our Usability & User Experience Design phase comes into place. Our creative exploration entails analysing your requirements and structure, to wireframing, user testing’s and prototyping, until it identifies the most appropriate solutions and solves any issues that may arise prior to any web development work.

Web Design - Creative Discovery Image

Creative Exploration & Direction

Our most creative work for all our services is done during our creative exploration and discovery phase. For every project, this is where we decide the direction of the core Look & Feel of your digital product. During this stage, we will spend the time to explore various ideas, designs and solutions to come up with the most appropriate visual approach for your project. From a minimal and clean web design to a fully animated and detailed approach, we will consider your brand identity, your vision and propose the right visual direction tailored to your needs.

High-Fidelity Prototypes

Along-side our Creative Exploration & Direction phase we can also produce demos and prototypes of how the final product will look & feel when interactive and fully animated; but with no development taking place. This helps to better demonstrate our vision and visualize exactly how the product will be. It also helps to showcase how interactive elements and animations will work.

Design Development & Assets Creation

As soon as we finalize the core look & feel and brand approach of a project we proceed with the further development and production of every user interface element, template and graphical asset. We custom produce our designs always along any rules and guidelines needed for any development work, always keeping in mind multiple devices, platforms and resolutions. Every asset is created in high resolution and produced with flexibility and adaptability, such as graphic illustrations, iconography, images, HTML5 animations or fully produced videos.
Web Design - Design Development & Assets Creation
Web Design - Style Guide Image

Style Guide

During the production of any design work needed for development, either for web or app, we identify and create rules and guidelines to support the further development of templates and elements for each project. A style guide helps us ‘clean-up’ our designs, ensure consistencies across user interface elements, typography and colors, and define style rules. This is where every decision gets justified and helps our development team to comprehend the design thought process.

Web Development

As soon as we have in place our creative approach, designs, style guide and any prototypes ready and approved we move onto the Website Development phase. This is where the front-end and back-end development happens for your new website or digital product. 
Web Design - Website Development
Web Design - Quality Check

Quality Check

Once the design phase is completed and handed over to our development team our design team will remain active for assistance and quality check during the development phase. We always ensure that the final product meets our quality standards with every design and graphic element being pixel perfect, every style rule correctly applied, and every interactive element and animation properly executed.
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