One of marketing’s primary objective is to support sales to generate leads and help them convert into customers. Often the problem is that marketing is good at generating many leads but they are not converting that many to new customers. As a specialized digital agency in Nicosia we hope that with these basic tips we can help you boost your conversions:

1. Follow-up face to face

Many studies indicate that responding swiftly to new leads, by providing further clarifications on an offer sent or have a follow up face-to-face meeting increases the conversion rate. Moreover, try and be personable, to humanize the process. If you respond via email put your name on it and don’t use an impersonal email such as sales@”yourcompanyname”.com.

2. Exceed their expectations

If you try to please your new leads and / or even customers, this is an indication of how you will treat them once the project closes. Try to exceed their expectations by giving them further discounts, additional relevant items not asked for and try to keep them happy. The results will be pleasantly better.

3. Qualify your leads to boost your conversions

A large percentage of leads are lost in the process. Most common reasons are:

  • A lead responded to an online form via an online ad and just provided some basic information, whereas the sales people need more than just basic contact information to qualify a lead and convert to a new customer
  • Improve your process and try and pre-qualify the lead by finding out more information via at least a phone call.

4. Know your target audience to boost conversions

This involves understanding your target audiences’ buying patterns and what motivates them to trigger that purchase. Thus, it’s critical to understand at which stage your prospect is in the “lead nurturing cycle” to know how to react. Do you need to provide more information? Do you need to arrange a face-to-face presentation, do you need to send a demo or a white paper? These subtle differences can make a big difference in helping converting the lead to a new customer.

5. Create content towards helping generate leads

Marketing needs to work with your sales teams to come up with selling points and creative that will help close the deal as opposed to just generate more leads. These creative can have relevant call to actions reinforcing the purchase intent.

6. Focused target audience to boost conversions

The more you know and understand your target audience, the better you can understand their needs and produce creative and content that will address their needs and be more targeted and relevant. This again is crucial to helping you increase your conversion rate.

7. Re-engage past leads

The end of the year is approaching, and budgets are almost being spent. So, how can you generate new leads? Another effective method is to try and re-engage past leads. You have already invested the time and effort to approach them and the door has already opened. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

8. Embark on testing

Your leads conversion process can be hugely improved by ongoing testing and refinement. The easiest way is to test your messages, and adapt these to see if you have better results. Improve and fine tune your messages on your Facebook campaigns and ads, on your Google ads, the tag-lines on your website, titles on your e-marketing efforts and so on.

As a leading digital agency based in Cyprus you matter to us. So, if you adopt any of the above, do tell us. Drop us a line at [email protected].