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By George Botsaris on March 22, 2018 |Inspiration |Just for fun
There are the people that wake up miserable, being sad about going to work, sitting on a chair all day waiting for the time to pass, or being at each other throats about promotions, stabbing their colleagues in the back or accusing them all day. And there are those lucky SOBs that wake up with a smile, going to work singing and whistling, and clapping their feet on the air.
By George Botsaris on November 05, 2015 |SEO |Web Development
Validation means checking whether a page is free of errors, using a computer program. HTML Validation refers to the procedure of checking whether the html code on a web page complies with the HTML Standards, as set by the W3C Consortium. Imagine it like comparing a sentence to the rules of grammar that apply to the language that the sentence is written in.
By George Botsaris on August 20, 2015 |Technology |Web Development
Facebook competitions are a great way for companies to draw visitors to their page and have some sort of interaction with their brand. Here are the top 5 points to have in mind when developing a Facebook Canvas App to hold your competition
By George Botsaris on June 14, 2015 SEO
SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a form of online marketing that helps you become more “findable” putting you in front of your prospective target audiences, in your markets of interest. Here are some tips to help you get started.
By George Botsaris on February 17, 2015 |Marketing |SEO
YouTube has been outperforming Yahoo and Bing in terms daily searches which indicates that videos can be an important traffic builder for your website especially if your video is hosted on YouTube. So, should we do videos to accomplish SEO success? 
By George Botsaris on January 29, 2015 |Marketing |SEO
On-Page SEO is the cornerstone for achieving top rankings in search engine resuts pages (SERP). It is the process of optimizing the content and code of your website. Here are some best practices & techniques for On-Page SEO that will help your website rank higher in search engines.
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