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Before embarking on creating the wireframes it was crucial to understand the various users of JCC, their target audiences and target segments. We spent hours and hours in order to redefine and re-segregate their audiences vis-à-vis their content which was re-written to improve and simplify the overall user experience. We had to streamline the site structure and content, and with clear call to actions help users find the information of interest to them much easier, without getting lost in the clutter of unnecessary information.
JCCCorporate - Wireframes

Website Re-Design

With the content and wireframes in place, and a clear user journey to optimize the user experience we fully customized the website design. We ensured brand consistency across all JCC digital properties and projects that were worked upon simultaneously. We ended up creating and designing 40 templates for the per se website with common elements always keeping it modern and functional. The designs are all responsive with attention to the mobile experience, crucial in our days. To portray the right tone and voice we enriched the website design with a final 80 stock photographs, which we thoroughly researched, manipulated to create that brand uniformity and purchased the license rights. And we created custom illustrations to make the website more user friendly and personable.
JCCCorporate - WebRedesign

Illustrations and Icons

In an effort to speak and resonate across all the audience levels of JCC, especially the public and consumers, which come from different backgrounds and sophistication levels we decided to inject and enrich the website with custom illustrations and icons. These were hand-drawn and consistent with the brand colors of JCC’s new app and fresh online image. We created a total of 100 illustrations and icons which complemented the content to better communicate and convey the various messages at hand, while aiming to simplify the overall user journey.
JCCCorporate - Illustrations Img
JCCCorporate - Illustrations Img

Design for mobile

For a website that includes 40 custom template designs, ensuring that they are fully optimized on mobile and tablets too is no small task. Each template was redesigned and adapted to work and appear smoothly irrespective of device, delivering the optimum experience; displaying and prioritizing content at hand subject to the device with the limitations of a smaller screen at the back of our mind.
JCCCorporate - DesignForMobile Img

Front-End Development

Once the designs were all approved we then embarked in the front-end development phase and we are proud to say that we achieved a pixel perfect implementation. Having undertaken rigorous quality checks across all device resolutions. We utilized latest technologies to enrich the user experience such as displaying the various ATM locations, form autofill functions and many more. We additionally applied subtle animated effects and fully optimized graphics and code for the page load, while we validated the code, all important tasks to enhance and make the user experience as pleasant and as simple as possible.
JCCCorporate - FrontEndDevelopment

Back end development

With numerous hours of coding we developed predominantly a safe and secure website, which is paramount especially in this industry. We created a highly customizable platform with low maintenance costs and an extremely easy to manage content management system. More importantly the website is easily expandable to grow with the growing needs of JCC and is regularly updated so as the code never breaks and has no down-time.
JCC Corporate - Back-End-Development
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