You’ve created an awesome website or blog, putting time and effort to maintain and keep it up to date and now it’s time to make some money for all the effort you put. A website can be monetized via multiple revenue streams. As a leading digital agency in Nicosia, we would like to share some common practices to get you started.

Method 1: Display advertising

Display advertising is the traditional way to earn some revenue from your website. Web page banner ads have been around since the start of the Internet and they are a simple way to earn you some extra cash. In order to attract advertisers and make a fair income from banner ads, your website must have significant traffic. This means, your ads should be relevant to your audience, and of course you should consider the use of an ad server to track campaign statistics and control over the creative. The easiest way to place banner ads on your website, is to join a banner ad network such as Google adsense. The network will take a percentage of the earnings but they will recruit the advertisers, you can easily keep track of your earnings and control the ad placements on your website.

Method 2: Web monetization via Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation marketing is another very effective way to make money from your website. With Affiliation marketing you can steer your visitors to products and services of third party merchants. In the case the merchant converts your referrals to a sale then you’ll get a commission for that sale. There are lots of affiliate programs, some paying high commissions and are very easy to be integrated on a website. However, always keep in mind that the products or services you will promote should be relevant to your audience and content.

Method 3: Monetize via Subscriptions

You can generate revenue by charging visitors for accessing certain content on your website. This of course means that your website should support this kind of functionality. There are also certain factors you should consider before proceeding. Such as the value of the content you are selling. Thus your pricing strategy, and how you’ll process user payments, the use of a secure payment system should be available (such as Paypal) and so on.

Method 4: Selling your own staff

Having your own online store, involves a lot of work and many things you should consider. Especially if you do not actually own a local store and you will sell products only online. You’ll need to figure out your shipping logistics, how to process payments, invoicing and stock controlling and of course ways to promote your products via different channels to drive traffic to your online shop.

Method 5: Webinars web monetization

A great use of technology is long distance learning. If you have the capabilities to offer live webinars for a specific subject then is a great way to reach audience from all over the world.

Method 6: Donation

You can very easily generate a donation button and add it on your website by using a third-party donation service but there are also some key questions to answer before proceeding such as: Why should someone become a donor? Will you keep track of the donor’s contact information? Also you should always make clear why you need these donations (website maintenance and hosting expenses etc which entail costs).

Hope you find the above information useful to start monetizing your website. If you need any help feel free to contact us.