In case you don’t know that, BLEND is a very experience web development company in Cyprus. Therefore, On my first day as a web developer at Blend Digital Agency I was introduced to many cool and time-saving web development and management team tools, one of them was GIT. It took me a while to get used to it and understand the logic behind branching and merging. So, what is Life with GIT? Maybe i should describe first, how it is without it:

Life before GIT:

Skies are dark and days gray…

Struggling to keep track of changes in my code by creating directories and files with sole purpose to test a minor change. Creating test/test.js, testing/test.js, test1, test 2, test 3, testoftestfortestingtest2/test234.js and so on. Sometimes deleting the wrong test file and punishing myself for being so messy by deleting every document and file containing the word “test” or anything similar. Forgetting to backup my code and loosing weeks of work. Sending code over email or with USB sticks to get help… Everything was going wrong…

Then came GIT:

Few rays of sun start to shine upon my code…

Experimenting with versioning, pulling, pushing, merging, re-branching etc. Learning how important is keeping your code on a cloud storage such as bitbucket, on either public or private repositories.
How easy it became to maintain a backup of your source code.

Branching and merging to integrate new features on existing projects without messing up the whole code.


Keeping track of the project history and each file individually. Find out who changed specific lines in code and when.

Collaboration of any number of developers on the same project from anywhere.

Deployment of source code easily on a server with just a command.


Life with GIT:

Sun is shining, birds are flying…

I still recall my first interaction with git. Seeing how a project can have various branches spanning parallel to the master branch, I tried replicating a similar branching project that turned out to be something between spaghetti and an 8-lane highway intersection in India… DELETE everything.

GIT is great tool that really changed the way I work. You should be using GIT if you are a freelancer or member of a team. It changed my life around!