After the summer break, and with our batteries all re-charged we often find ourselves taking stock of our past year’s achievements. Over and above of growing our team and improving our project management & internal processes. When looking back at how many projects we have completed we are simply feeling proud of our work and thankful. Grateful that so many organizations have entrusted BLEND to design and develop their website, in direct response to their unique needs and requirements.

Maybe we haven’t created a case study for each of the following projects. Nevertheless, we are happy that we could be of service. More often then not, it is simply a case of not having enough time to create case studies for all the projects we undertake.

Suffice to say that these organizations come in different sizes and stem from different industries. Moreover, each unique in their own way and many of these leaders in their respective industry or playing a key role in our country and not only. From the importers & logistics sector, b2b industries, financial sector, government sector, advertising industry, gambling and others too.

We feel grateful and thankful we had the chance to undertake these projects. Because these projects and clients have enriched our experience and depth of knowledge. Check out some of these projects we undertook:

  1. Cheeseline
  2. AVS – Audio Visual Services
  4. Point Bank
  5. Ledra Advertising
  6. Noknok
  7. Wingu.Africa
  8. Conread
  9. Life Cyclamen
  10. The Cyprus Institute (Atmospheric & Climate division)

Not to mention the work that we undertake entailing additions / enhancement to existing projects and clients. Such, as these done for the following clients / websites:

A big thank you to all.