And it is finally here!! Anyone in the industry will know how much of a challenge it is to get around and design and build your new agency website. Technologies and trends evolve rapidly and ideally your website as a digital agency should go along with what’s current. This should reflect your skills, creativity, brand positioning and make you stand out. But one of the challenges is managing to find the time and resources to do this before you change your mind on your initial concept. It is a project where you would like to consider that the sky is the limit, and you expect to do your most creative work without anyone holding you back. But as it turns out, you yourself ends up becoming your most demanding client.

Design direction of our new website

For our new website we wanted to tone it down a bit, keep a minimal clean look and make sure our brand really stands out. As a well-established digital agency in Cyprus we have reached a point we don’t really need to say or show too much. So, this was an opportunity for a small re-fresh. During which we introduced a new typographic style along with our trademark blue colour against white, while injecting strong colours from our portfolio cases. The aim was a simple, professional and elegant look with a flare of creativity through the overall experience. Moreover, we focused on the animation details and hover effects, advanced interactions, animated menus, and a well-made mobile site.

The BLEND website personality

All good so far for reflecting our updated visual brand, but how about that BLEND personality everyone adores? This is where our small details of custom-made illustrations & animations come to place. These break the overall professional look with a fun touch hoping to put a small smile to our visitors.

Being a mixture of ages, we turn to our favourite pop-culture references along with the creation of small iconic scenes that are purely inspired from our in-house culture… and inside jokes of course that we created over our regular team outings.

Teamwork at its best

What makes me prouder on this is how everyone at BLEND got involved. And I mean everyone!! One way or the other every single team member either contributed with actual hands-on work, or used work they already did. Or simply contributed with constructive thoughts and suggestions for the finished website. Looking closely at the details, every talent and experience from our team can be seen on our site. From our versatile back-end system and front-end animations, to the copy-writing of our content and our fully custom-made illustrations; constituting full-blown teamwork for a proud new website kicking-off a fresh new era of our so-far 5-year-old agency!

Keep an eye as we aim to keep adding and improving it further, and make sure you let us know your thoughts on our new site!