Landing page

A landing page is the web page that a visitor “lands” on after clicking on an online call-to-action. A dedicated landing page is a standalone page separate from your website with a single objective. We usually create a landing page to persuade the visitor to click through to another page in order to complete a transaction. Landing pages in last case are also called “lead generation landing pages” aiming higher conversion rates.

Call to action

The call-to-action is the most important factor on our landing page. Whether this is a button or a registration form this is the way to convert your visitors from “unknown” to “quantifiable leads”. Look & feel, images & text on the page should all help you with your cause: “Conversion”.

As an experienced web design agency in Cyprus, here are some guidelines we always take into consideration when designing a landing page:

  1. No global navigation that leads to your primary website should be included. That way you limit the options to drive them out of your main conversion goal.
  2. Provide sufficient information. Give all the necessary information to the user to make an informed decision.
  3. Brand it. It should be clear to the visitor which is the brand behind the landing page, thus the visuals should have consistency with your primary website.
  4. Stand out call-to-action. Whether this is a button or a registration form this is your main objective and should be clear and on a prominent place on the page.
  5. Message match. Visuals and text of banner ads and push emails you are using to promote the landing page should match the look & feel and text of the landing page.
  6. Never include irrelevant to the goal content. Speak about your brand and corporate values in your homepage, not in your landing page.
  7. Segmentation. Create separate landing pages targeting different users. For example you can use your landing pages for re-marketing, meaning offering something to customers who were interested or bought something relevant from you, or make an offering for a specific audience.