Email marketing. Does it work?

Email marketing. Does it work?
I think in our region, we are all fed up of receiving daily unsolicited emails from vendors that we never gave our consent to.

Yes, that is correct. Proper email marketing entails that the client opted in receiving the communication be it newsletter, or a promotional email conveying the wonderful sales that you can enjoy from the respective retail outlet.

In our region, where digital marketing is still at its kinda infancy stage, although growing in importance, these rules are not enforced very strictly. So, we end up being bombarded by many unwanted electronic newsletters and sms’s that we never gave our permission to, or we signed some document, where we gave our consent without realizing the tiny-winy small prints, that you probably need a magnifying glass to read.

Yet, email marketing is still considered among the most cost-effective tools of digital marketing. Especially if undertaken correctly.
Tips on utilizing your email marketing successfully
Here are some tips to embark on your email marketing and have a substantial return on your investment:
  1. Choose a professional third party email provider. This is significant because unless a specialized third party email provider, your normal ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) will consider any bulk emails above 100 as spamming and may block your communications and hamper your day to daily email correspondence. Using third party specialists has ample benefits including the following:
  • you will not be considered as spamming
  • you will have a higher % of newsletters click through
  • you will have real time reporting
  • their platforms are very easy to use.
  1. Create a professional email template. This will not only boost your brand image it may increase your newsletter and / or campaign rate too.
  2. Moreover by setting up your email mechanism up to a certain degree you can:
  • automate your processes
  • you can start data-mining your audiences, which can be segregated according to your audiences so that you can be more targeted and more efficient.
  1. Finally, you need to put in place an opt-in procedure to start growing your very own database as opposed to leasing a third party list, which by the way, is illegal.
Email marketing success stories and food for thought
I thought I’d share the following 3 success stories on effective use of email marketing and how it helped these businesses, to get you thinking:
  1. Blue Heron Books
The Independenty booksellers BLUE HERON BOOKS, were challenged when electronic books and online book retailing starting becoming popular and affected their sales. So, how did they react to this challenge? They started playing with thoughtful email subject lines to boost their newsletter engagement. They got their audiences catchy subject lines and various tactics like this. The result? Their engagement increased and reached a very respectable 40% open rate. 
  1. Modern Hound
Modern Hound, attempted to establish a lasting relationship with their audience and tried to entice them to join their adventures. So, they launched professional templates which included beautiful, professional updates featuring photos and a description of all the doggy fun they have each week. Furthermore, each update for each dog and Mad Mimi’s recipient lists is updated helping them keep clients lists organized and more targeted. At the bottom of each update they included their business logo and links to Modern Hound’s social media outlets, increasing their opportunity to connect with their doggy parents. Their response was phenomenal increasing their engagement with their offline audience, online as well.
  1. Firefly Creative Writing
Firefly Creative Writing used the Auto-responder feature in a very creative manner. They made 2 creative writing workshops using exclusively drip campaigns. One was called ‘Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers’ and grew out of a huge love-letter campaign that they ran. They hosted a love letter contest, several  love letter writing workshops for free, a love letter reading, and in the end, working form the letters that were submitted for the contest, created the ‘Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers’ e-class. And people loved it. Given the success of the first year’s campaign, the following year they made a second class called ‘6 Reasons You’re Not Writing Right Now, and 6 ways to begin.’ It included beautiful graphics, links to audio workshops and downloadable ‘permission slips’.
The success stories illustrated above just use some of the basics of email marketing, but applied very creatively and significantly reaping the benefits of email marketing, combining offline with their online efforts successfully and very cost effectively.
If you need any help with your email marketing efforts drop us a line at info@blenddigital.com or call us at 70007 360.


Silia Vassiliou
Silia Vassiliou
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