In addition to email marketing, perfect web design, SEO and organic social media, Facebook advertisements are important. Facebook is used by billions of people and if you place a targeted ad on the platform, your chances of success increase. This is a must because organic traffic on Facebook is nearly non-existent.

When it comes to targeted campaigns, Facebook claims to be 89% accurate. Facebook is adaptable, allowing a company to target a completely new audience or one that is similar to its current audience and also offers robust analytics.

You can micro-target your exact audience, create ads catering to your specific objective and reach far more people than you ever will with organic posts. Ads allow you to remarket to people who have already interacted with you and with proper targeting, you can get clicks and conversions for a lower cost. You can easily find new leads with Facebook ad, add a custom call-to-action button, scale your content promotion and encourage customer loyalty.

Check below how we helped JCC Payment Systems and Infocredit Group to increase client numbers through digital and social media marketing campaigns.


Case Study 1:  JCC Payment Systems

JCC is the leader in financial and data infrastructure services in Cyprus, delivering end-to-end payment solutions, credit and debit card issuing services and industry-leading data protection and management schemes to banks and businesses of all sizes across Cyprus and beyond.

Goal: The campaign’s goal was to build a database of people interested in their services, drive leads for cooperation opportunities and gain sales. So, the strategy was to use the lead generation objective to create Facebook ads.

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Case Study 2:  Infocredit Group

Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of commercial and credit information for over 46 years and offers high-quality flexible solutions, ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Debt Recovery & Call Centre Services, Training, Corporate Governance and Consulting.

Goal: The client was looking for a comprehensive digital strategy that would outperform the natural shift to online channels to promote their services, seminars, products, tools and increase sales.

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Still, wondering how to increase client numbers through digital and social media marketing campaigns? Contact us to learn how to use strategic thinking to develop a successful marketing strategy for your company. We reflect your brand or business, we can make your ads and campaigns stand out and we can find you leads that matter. We strive to assist our clients in achieving their marketing and business objectives, as well as building and succeeding in their businesses. Their success is our success!