Fikardou village actively participates in the “Handicrafts, Wine and Gastronomy Workshops” organized by the Ministry of Tourism. The village’s picturesque charm as well as the determination of the Community Council to take an active part in this project make it an ideal place to get to know, where one can experience the folk arts of a not so distant era.
The festival, which will run from June 19th until December 26th, includes a variety of interactive workshops in which the visitor has the choice of active participation or just observation.
The workshops in the community of Fikardou include:
• Pottery
• Weaving
• Painting
• Basket weaving
• Grapes from the vintage in Wine, Zivania, Palouze and Epsima (Traditional grape-based products)
• Manufacture of the traditional Cypriot flute
• Embroidery and knitting

The complete list of workshops can be found here.
Participation in the workshops is free, however there is a limited number of seats so participants are encouraged to register in advance at 99088871. Apart from the workshops, you can enjoy a walk in the museum and in the alleys of the village.

The workshops are subsidized by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism within the framework of the Grant Scheme for the Handicrafts, Wine and Gastronomy Workshops which are open to visitors. Visit Cyprus. Visit Nicosia (Lefkosia).

Fikardou’s participation in the workshops is supported by Fikardou Farmer Fresh, Blend Digital Agency, and the Nicosia Tourism Board (NTB).