With almost 12 billion monthly searches, Google’s dominance in online search is undisputed. Although you probably use Google every day there are lots of useful Google search tricks which you are not aware of and can entertain you. Are you ready to have some fun with Google tricks?

Local weather

Although there are lots apps and websites for checking the weather, I find it very easy to just open a browser and type my location’s name following the word weather or forecast and view all the necessary information in a simple graphical layout.

Google, weather

Tilt your screen – favorite Google fun trick

Although these are getting a bit old now, I always find them inspiring as it reminds me that sometimes is ok to build things just for fun and that is what Google engineers did in this case. Type “tilt”, “do a barrel roll” or “zerg rush” and see the results.

Google, tilt

Check the time

Need to quickly check what time is in any place in the world? Type the name of the city + the word time and find out.

Google, time

Convert metrics

Type your metrics and Google will do the rest.

Google conversions

Burger or Pizza?

Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Make an informed decision by comparing the calories first. Check a complete nutritional breakdown by simply comparing foods using vs.



Definitions & Synonyms

Quickly learn the meaning or find synonyms of a word. Google will also give you information on the origin and translations of the word.

Google synonyms



Quickly translate words or phrases in any language. Initial language can be detected by the engine and you can also click on the speaker icon to listen how it is pronounced.

Google translate

Some Google fun from the past

Although this is also an old addition, it is still one of my favorites. Go to Google images and type “Atari Breakout”. Brings up some good memories.

Google Atari

Google fun with a timer

I find this very helpful when having a pizza in the oven and working on my computer. Set your timer by typing “set timer for 20 minutes 10 seconds” and increase your speaker’s volume.

Google timer

See, who said you can’t have fun with this leading search engine? You don’t need to be a web developer in Cyprus to know these tricks. Anyone can have some fun too with these simple Google tricks!