The past few weeks I have been literally melting in the heat of Nicosia, and despite the fact that my air conditions are working full blast around the clock, they honestly don’t seem to be performing. Plus everything seems to be breaking down, my car, my computer screen. I desperately need my summer break. And I find myself in a holiday mood already. I have already started making a mental note of what to bring to have my dream holiday that I so much deserve:

Travel list for Summer break:

  • Bikini
  • Sun-tan-lotion
  • Sun-hat
  • Shorts and casual wear
  • Baby-stuff
  • Pampers
  • Ederma cream
  • Dusty plane for my 2.5 year old son
  • Backgammon set to beat my hubby, he is still a novice in this supposedly male-dominated game
  • Visa, cash and other essentials.

Now, let’s not forget the very important items:

  • i-Pad so that my son can watch his Peppa pig and Zack & Quack
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile & i-Pad charger
  • Selfie gadget – I always look distorted when I take selfies. I guess I just can’t master selfies the way my 14 year old daughter does when taking selfies – alas the generation gap!
  • Laptop – I mean, yes, the beach and the sun are wonderful, but I need to find out what will happen in the new series that I am hooked on, Zoo from

It is a given that a condition to book any hotel has to offer wifi services. But even if it doesn’t thank God my phone has a personal hotspot. Yes, I l do love technology and my gadgets 

Now, for the even more serious and responsible stuff:

  • Downloaded the Facebook ads application to monitor the performance of our social media campaigns for our clients
  • Downloaded the pages app too for the same reason
  • my work related emails are synced on the cloud.

Now, some friendly advice, don’t get too wrapped up in your gadgets and devices. Just enjoy your break with some real-face-to-face interaction. You might miss out all the babes on the beach, if you are too worried about capturing the perfect selfie.

And for those seeking the celebrity-like attention and needs to get all the likes in the world with the posts you upload on Facebook, you know the secrets of the trade, don’t you? You can always optimize your posts and target them using the demographics of the people, you are interested in. And even better, if attention seeking to the widest possible audience is your ultimate objective, you can always boost your posts, by spending as much or as little as you desire. The more optimized and targeted is your post, the less you will end up spending.

What? You didn’t know this? Well, you can arrange a meeting with us after our office opens, after the 21st August and we can share our secrets with you over coffee.

In the meantime, remember I can be reached by phone, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. But please don’t! Remember, I need my summer break. Have I forgotten anything else? I think all I need now is my positive attitude, smile and leave my worries behind and I am ready to go.

What about you?