Hot summer season in Cyprus has been here for months now, and people are looking forward to some well-deserved summer vacations to relax and enjoy the weather. At BLEND we don’t close our office during the mid of August as most local companies do. Instead, we keep our doors open, phone-lines and emails available for our local and overseas clients for any support they may need. Our projects pipelines continue, and we make most of the quiet periods to catch-up with in-house projects. Our BLENDers take their vacations when it suits them. So, how do our team members plan to relax before kicking-off the busy and productive remaining quarter of 2018? Let’s find out how us BLENDers summer re-charge!

Silia, Managing Director

“Summer at last…time to let go and spend some quality time with our loved ones and just recharge our batteries.  This year we visited amazing Dubai, yet again. We had a fabulous time at the IMG World of Adventures park. Where alongside my little one, I felt like a kid myself not missing a single ride. And tried the Virtual Reality park for the first time in my life at the Dubai Mall. There we literally immersed ourselves in the 360 degrees animated videos indulging in various VR experiences. After a thrilling 4 days, we are looking forward to enjoying ourselves in one of the best top 13 beaches in the world Nissi Beach in Cyprus. Relishing the sandy beaches, crystal waters and doing nothing other than getting a sunburn, drinking my frappes and mojitos and enjoying my family and friends. Wishing everyone a fabulous summer doing whatever makes you the happiest. What a great summer re-charge it has been up to now!”

Neophytos, Production Director

“To me a vacation is a time to spend with my wife and kids, recharge the batteries and take a break from the daily distractions. Creating sand castles in the beach will be my main priority. However, I always take the chance during my break, to focus and undertake a comprehensive audit of my past accomplishments and failures. So, I can formulate better plans for my personal and professional life. The target is to recharge my batteries, find inspiration and plan ahead for another exciting year.”

Loris, Creative Director

“Summer holidays is the time to relax and unwind with peace and quiet. And even do nothing at the beach or at home leaving a distinguished ass-print on my couch over some Netflix binge-watching. No big trips this year so I’ll be spending time and catch-up with friends and family. Maybe go on a few excursions, enjoy a few drinks and some good food. One thing is for sure… I always make the most of my time-off to collect my thoughts, ideas and research on any personal creative projects. This provides me with a well-needed boost of inspiration for the remaining of the year.”

George, Senior Web Developer

“After a looong, 1-week trip to Greece with the kids in June, we’ll definitely need some time off to summer re-charge more. To rest from the previous holidays. The plan is called The Grandparents Relaxation, where we spend our holidays with my parents, at my father’s village house in Famagusta. There we kick back and relax, and let the kids spend some time with their grandparents. Win-win for me and my wife too.”

Stelios, Senior Web Developer

“After a long working hard period, it’s time to summer recharge my batteries. Going back to my village is always the most relaxing thing for me. Despite the fact I have to drive at least 2 hours to get there. Nothing is more refreshing than some time outdoors. Simple things like taking a walk by the beach or go to the local cafes and see old friends are the things that make me appreciate the time off from work and the daily pressure. The main point is to get away from the office and my computer screen as much as I can. Oh, and of course, take some good photos” 😉

Charalambia, Senior Digital Designer

”Summer vacations for me, even if is for a week, a month or just a day, means to always make the most of it! Going for a walk with Roomie (my dog), a long ride with my bike, relaxing at a quiet beach reading a book. Also, playing rackets and drinking beers with friends or even being in the middle of nowhere. Just far far away from the PC, TV and the couch. Oh… and I have a house renovation going on as I’m moving to a new place, so for me, this year sees more action! 🙂 ‘’

Andreas, Digital Designer

“Finally it’s time to recover from a prolonged double computer screen exposure. This summer I decided to split my holidays into 2 parts. The 1st part in Cyprus and the 2nd part flying abroad to Crete. I took the opportunity in the 1st holiday part to propose to my girlfriend at last after a near 2-year relationship. We also celebrated my 32nd birthday with family, friends and work colleagues in Paphos, hit the beach bars, and started some arrangements for the wedding. For the 2nd holiday part, I’m going to Crete for a more relaxed carefree journey, roaming around the narrow streets of Chania and Rethymno, eating souvlaki and drinking Raki in local “Rakadika” taverns. Until next summer…”

Marios, Web Developer

“Unplug, make yourself a nice cocktail sit back and make your plans. Family, friends, road trips, beaches, cocktails, barbeques, beers and of course beers!  Well at least that is what makes me happy, and happiness=relaxation. What I would miss this year is that I won’t be travelling abroad but my new camera is a good excuse to cross out some places on my “Sightseeing” list. At least in Cyprus. But what I really do enjoy during my summer recharge is the chance to catch up with friends, either at the beach or for a random picnic in Troodos. And also have pointless conversations for hours and laugh till we cry.  That’s what recharges me!”

Larisa, Animator & Illustrator

“Summer vacations… say what??!! Are here and I didn’t realised it. LOOOL. So yes :/, I don’t have any plans for this summer but one thing is for sure, I will spend the most of the time with my little friends (Oskar and Kate… my dogs). Also travelling around our small island in search for new places, experiences and emotions. And who knows maybe I will find again my other friends from the sky which I can see sometimes from my terrace, getting even more excited each time (UFO POWER):)! Also, another thing that I’m sure of is that when I will come back I will have even more small stories about my dreams to talk about and analyze as I will be more relaxed.  Every summer has a story… what’s yours?

BLEND Summer