Due to our vast experience, and as an established digital agency in Cyprus, we are proud to have undertaken a consultation and supporting role to help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus. Given their objective to launch a new era in communication, we assisted them by upgrading their digital presence. We also took steps towards dynamic ways of communicating through their Social Media networks.

Our consultation role entailed helping the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as its Diplomatic Missions to upgrade or inaugurate their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

MFA Support

MFA Support

These actions will bring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs closer to Cypriot citizens, especially the young people.

Check out the Ministry’s Social Media Accounts:

MFA Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/CyprusMFA
MFA Twitter Account: twitter.com/CyprusMFA

Public consultation

In similar vein, we have assisted the process of a Public Consultation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Strategic Action. We did this through campaigns on Facebook and posts on Twitter.

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