When a society is challenged in the way that we have been lately with the global COVID-19 pandemic the entire world has to adjust to a new reality. A new way of life. A new way of working. Where health and taking precautions takes center-stage in our life.

Under these unprecedented circumstances companies need to ensure continuity. Concentrate, not on making profits but surviving and adjusting to this new reality fast to ensure the former.

Food for thought

Due to the nature of our business and given that we literally work “on the cloud” for us adapting to this new reality was easy and smooth. We made the decision to work remotely overnight, and upon announcing this decision to the staff, all it took was merely 30 minutes to get organized and enforce this, without discontinuing nor disrupting our operations.

We are already working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus and have created an online platform for Cyprus citizens currently stranded overseas. The citizens will be able to communicate with the Ministry and obtain assistance in emergency situations.

So, during crisis period how could you react? If your business has slowed down maybe you can view this as an opportunity to enhance and upgrade your online presence. This will definitely help you gain market share and may help you surpass your competition, at least digitally.

BLEND’s contribution

We wish to extend our contribution further by helping as many businesses as possible as follows:


  • consultation on online presence
  • professional newsletter template, should you need to communicate more frequently via email
  • SEO audit.


  1. if your products are in high demand but the new measures prevent people from entering your shop, you may decide its high time you invested in a basic e-shop without advanced integrations to get you started quickly. But generally, for any design & development type of projects we are offering a 25% discount to help out
  2. you may wish to embark on some awareness or lead generation campaigns to capitalize on this period and increase your digital market share since the physical one is closing by default. We wish to extend a discount of 50%

The offer is valid from the 7th April until the end of May 2020;

If any of the above are of interest contact us now!

Until you decide your next steps read this article to help you adjust to the remote working from home status-quo.