In 2015 three friends decided to join forces and create the agency that is established and well known today as BLEND Digital. Fast forward 5 years later we are servicing clients from all over the world and winning awards and recognition non-stop.

Core offerings

Initially positioned as a full spectrum digital agency offering the entire set of digital marketing and web design & development services, over time the demand particularly on the design & development services led us to build a unique niche in the Cypriot market. We are possibly one of the few agencies on the island with specialized web designers as opposed to graphic designers. Complementing this skillset with our talented in-house animators, illustrators and UI / UX experts. We can talk for hours on the importance of UI / UX in this era we are living, but read what our expert has to say on the matter. 

Our web design team in perfectly blended with our talented web developer team, the silent heroes of the company. If you think about it, when a website works perfectly no one ever attributes this to the great development of the website. But when it breaks and has issues, it is evident that it is not properly developed. Well, we boast that over the past 5 years we managed to build a very solid team making our main focus today on web design, UI / UX & web development services.

Future goals

What are our goals for the next few years? Simple really. Following where the demand is taking us we aim to build and grow our design & development team even further. And grow our footing in overseas markets too, while we continue servicing the Cypriot market in the highest possible standards.

BLEND stakeholders

So, who are the main stakeholders of BLEND and what makes them so special?

Let’s meet the three co-founders and how they built BLEND.

Silia Vassiliou

Carries extensive professional experience in business development, sales and marketing in the IT sector and digital field. Having lived in 3 continents and worked in S.E. Asia, Greece and Cyprus she established herself in the local market when she created the first online news portal in Cyprus “Sigma live”, making it number one in just 3 months. She also got involved in the creation of the first VoD solution for Sigma TV, introduced rich media campaigns and monetization models previously not capitalized upon in Cyprus; until she decided to set up her own company 360 Digital Degrees to contribute by helping the local digital market mature.

Neophytos Papageorgiou

Has a multimedia technology background carrying over 16 years of extensive professional experience in project management, digital marketing, web design & development, SEO and creation of interactive user experiences. He worked in Greece and the UK and upon returning to Cyprus he set up with friends his own digital agency, Creative Lab. He was among the pioneers in the digital field, back then when the internet had just started entering our lives, merely at an infancy stage eager to share his experience and knowledge as well. Neophytos is successfully managed and managing a variety of clients, big brands and big agencies from around the globe including Wargaming, JCC Payment Systems, Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ADS Securities, EverFx, Saxo Bank and many more.

Loris Stavrinides

Carries over 16 years of experience as a Creative Director / Digital Designer with multidisciplinary creative skills in all areas of design, animation and illustration. Having worked for many years in London, his brand experiences involve some amazing brands from all over the world such as Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers, Wargaming, Sony, Nintendo, EA Games, Sony Playstation, Cadbury, Adobe, JK Rowling, David Beckham, Ferrari, and many more. Upon returning to Cyprus in 2010 he founded Oniric Creative Studios, a creative production studio winning work from UK, US, Malta, Italy, UAE, and not only. With multiple awards and recognitions under his belt, Loris has also been a founding member and Creative Director of the very first TEDx in Cyprus, TEDxNicosia, and also a proud member of the Jury Panel for CSS Design Awards for 3 years running now.

Core values

Each of the above individuals became experts in their respective field and established themselves in the local market. Three stake-holders co-founded BLEND Digital. Three equal partners, knowing and respecting each other’s skills and knowledge and experience. And these are exactly the foundations that BLEND was built on, which represents our values too:

• Friendship
• Honesty / Integrity
• Passion
• Hard Work
• Respect
• Strive for Excellence.

As for our motto, it has always been:

“Creating exceptional user experiences by BLENDing technology with creativity.”

Five years of successes

It is not by chance that in the five past years we have built a team of creatives, thinkers & makers, shaped from a foundation of digital excellence. Testament of our success and passion for excellence is found around the world. Which is why we have clients located in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, UAE, Canada, USA, Africa and even in the Far East in Malaysia and New Zealand too; having worked with some exceptional brands and companies such as Wargaming, Disney and even the Badminton World Federation. And attracting attention from global giants like Dolby Digital and not only.

Proof that they we are doing something right is the fact that the past year our hard work has been recognized earning us multiple awards by some of the most prestigious platforms and award programs, such as: Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, Carob Cyprus Advertising Awards and the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards.

What a way to close and celebrate 5 years of operation and successes. Looking forward to the bigger successes awaiting us over the next five years. Keep an eye on will be an interesting journey.