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By Silia Vassiliou on October 23, 2017 Inspiration
The three founding partners of BLEND, Neophytos Papageorgiou, Loris Stavrinides and Silia Vassiliou have made it a point to cultivate a healthy and fun culture, to keep the creative juices alive. And keeping the productivity levels high, when you are about to burn out because you are servicing international clients around the globe with deliverable deadlines colliding, is a challenge on its own. So, how do we balance everything to walk the talk?
By Andreas Christofi on January 12, 2017 Design
Wireframes serve as the backbone of any digital product, from websites to mobile apps and other software applications and it can push the overall quality of the entire project higher. This article goes through in more detail about wireframing a website before the complete final design and explains why designing a wireframe at the early stages of design is more important and central to our creative process here at BLEND.
At BLEND our main goal is to deliver the optimum result in terms of quality and effectiveness to all our projects. To achieve that, a smooth and effective process flow must take place, regardless of the size of the project. On this article I will try and explain briefly our project life cycle process and the steps of each phase.
By Loris Stavrinides on September 08, 2016 |Design |Inspiration
Is that time of the year for our Creative Director to once again predict what Design trends we can expect for next year, 2017!
By Silia Vassiliou on June 01, 2016 Marketing
One may wonder…so why should I entrust a machine for this important process that will impact the communication of my brand??? Well, for one, programmatic makes the ad purchasing process more efficient and with less errors, that a human may be prone to do.
By Stelios Ioannides on April 18, 2016 Marketing
In any sector your company belongs to, you certainly need a page on Facebook. Facebook is the largest community on the internet that gives you the ability to reach potential customers and partners.
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