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By Loris Stavrinides on November 16, 2017 |Design |Inspiration
Is the time of the year again for our Creative Director's annual predictions in Digital Design trends and what we can expect to see more in 2018! As per my last year’s post, this is not necessarily backed-up on any special research for an accurate prediction, but mainly what I personally expect will become bigger and what I would love to see trending during 2018… or at least from the BLEND design team!
By Loris Stavrinides on September 08, 2016 |Design |Inspiration
Is that time of the year for our Creative Director to once again predict what Design trends we can expect for next year, 2017!
By Loris Stavrinides on February 23, 2016 |Design |Inspiration
Just like traditional artists need to keep drawing or painting to improve their skills, professional designers should do the same. Each client project is an opportunity to improve a skill, learn something new and challenge yourself.
By Loris Stavrinides on September 02, 2015 Inspiration
One of our constant challenges for our creative department is coming up with new and fresh ideas for our clients and in-house activities. And sometimes under tight deadlines. So a daily dose of inspiration is very important to us and we strive to incorporate that in our daily activities, our workflow and environment. 
By Loris Stavrinides on July 07, 2015 Design
One of the most common challenges we face in web and interactive design is the decision of when you need to position creativity over usability, usability guidelines over creative freedom, or finding a middle balance between the two. 
By Loris Stavrinides on June 02, 2015 Design
We are half-way through the year 2015 and as we are still keeping an eye how this year’s web design trends are turning out, we would like to aim to predict what we may expect for next year. 
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