Just For Fun
By George Botsaris on March 22, 2018 |Inspiration |Just for fun
There are the people that wake up miserable, being sad about going to work, sitting on a chair all day waiting for the time to pass, or being at each other throats about promotions, stabbing their colleagues in the back or accusing them all day. And there are those lucky SOBs that wake up with a smile, going to work singing and whistling, and clapping their feet on the air.
By Silia Vassiliou on January 22, 2016 |Inspiration |Just for fun
Marching in 2016, on Sunday morning I found myself reflecting on 2015 and what an exciting year, it has been. Hmm….from where shall we start? Let’s take it from the very beginning of the year. We kicked of the year, with a new BLEND in the mix. Yes, 360 Digital Degrees joined forces with Oniric Creative Studio and what a ride it has been, and it still is.
By Silia Vassiliou on July 30, 2015 Just for fun
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